Software development

I deliver cross-platform software based mainly on Microsoft .NET.

I have professional experience in software development dating back 2015. I have worked on a variety of projects using different technologies:


  • A multi-service web application (Angular 12, .NET Core, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Marten, RabbitMQ, Consul, AWS)

Working at Euvic:

  • Maintenance of an application for materials management at hospitals (WinForms, InstallShield, MS SQL)
  • A web-app for financial advisors (ASP.NET MVC 5.2, MS SQL, AWS EC2)
  • An accounting system for educational institutions (Silverlight, Aspose, Nhibernate & MVVM) @ EUVIC

Working at Novelty RPAS:

  • A high-performance video-player for real-time footage from drones (WPF, C#, C++, C, OpenGL)
  • A customized mission-planning system for UAV missions (C++, Python)
  • Multiple small custom tools, including data-mining tools, pdf generation, log analysis etc (WPF, C#).

Acadamic internship:

  • A desktop application for an operator of a rescue robot for mining industry (WPF & MVVM)

Prior to becoming a professional developer:

  • 3 custom CMS systems created in PHP
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